How many hikes did you accomplish this year? Can you count them all on one hand? Or do 10 fingers suffice?

With the end of the year a little more than a week away, let's reflect on just how much you ventured outdoors in 2018.

Did you make it to your front lawn? Or into the boonies of Barrigada?

Crossing hikes off a list has been a goal since the start of Spots on The Rock. Of course, the intent wasn't to document the sometimes-dangerous journeys, nor to share these once-secret spots with the community at large.

But here we are! The end of another year, and hopefully the culmination of a year well spent in the wilderness.

Revisiting our favorite spots

From the salty air and seas surrounding Talofofo Bay, to the red dirt trails and green valleys around Alutom Falls in Piti – I've tried to keep up my hiking, often returning to some of the stellar spots we have on island.

For the hikes featured, visiting each another time has often gifted a renewed love and appreciation for what we have here on Guam. 

Sometimes you forget to smell the flowers during the first hike. Instead, you're a bit bewildered and more focused on getting to the destination, perhaps even documenting all the while.

But the second, third and fourth times are often even better than the first. You notice just how blue Guam's waters are. You pick up on pretty wildflowers on the way in. You suddenly see perfect photo opportunities all over the place.

Revisiting these spots make our world view a little more vibrant. Like, yes, we live here!

So, in these final days of 2018, I encourage you to take the time to revisit some of your favorite spots. Reflect and be renewed in what inspires your wild heart.

Then, who knows? Maybe we'll set new horizons in 2019.


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