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Trek to Tarzan Falls

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Hike down south to one of the island's most iconic outdoor destinations – Tarzan Falls.

Unless you're new to the island, chances are this waterfall hike was probably your childhood introduction to hiking on Guam.

The trek to this dramatic waterfall is a great beginner's hike for families and pets of all shapes and sizes.

At the destination, swimming opportunities are limited due to the waterfall's shallow, rocky pool, but sitting under the shower of the falls and exploring the various levels of the waterfall's rock face provide that personal slice of paradise you've been praying for.

Note that the entire hike is much more difficult after heavy rainfall. The rain creates a muddy maze down numerous slippery slopes and can turn this easy, breezy hike into a miserable nightmare.

On the flip side, taking on these wet trails after a good downpour also means the waterfall will be flowing with considerably more water than on a dry day, making for an impressive island show.

If you're able and willing to trudge through mud for the 45 minutes it takes to get to the falls, I highly recommend going when wet, but it's hardly a disappointment when dry.

Series of slopes

To begin, go around the chained barricade, into the jungle and follow the path to the left, traveling parallel to the fenced-in wind turbine.

By the end of the red-dirt trail, you'll see a bent sign that points left. Follow the beaten path along the back fence of the turbine to continue.

For the next 10 minutes or so, you'll be walking over level ground, under tropical foliage. Next, you'll come to the first in a series of moderately steep hills to descend.

The following paths often will break off into two or three different trails, but all lead to the same destination. As long as you're constantly moving downhill, you're going in the right direction.

Eventually, you'll come to the last downhill walk where you might hear the waterfall before you see it.

At the base of this hill, you will reach a river that runs over lots of large boulders. This is the top of Tarzan Falls!

Take some time to explore the upper and middle levels of the Tarzan Falls rock face, with its miniature falls and beautiful views of the central jungle valley.

Sounds of serene nature

To get to the bottom of the falls, make your way back to the top of the rock face and cross the river to the other side.

Not too far from the top, find the downhill trail parallel to the side of the waterfall. Follow the colorful flags and path all the way down.

Turn right once you reach the bottom, and soon you'll find a large, flat boulder before the base of Tarzan Falls.

Enjoy the rush of the falls and sounds of serene nature, but note that you cannot dive or swim in the waterfall's pool because it's only 2 to 3 feet deep.

Extend the hike by walking downstream to find other, smaller waterfalls along the Ylig River, not too far from Tarzan Falls. Find the overgrown trail to the left of the river, or trek directly through the river.

To return to your car, retrace your steps back to the top of Tarzan Falls and ascend the series of slopes to the parking spot.

Happy hiking!


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