Edwards serves as inspiring role model for young scholars

POLITICS: This screenshot shows Jack Ben Edwards on March 5 at the U.K. Parliament. He came to speak on the select committee for digital, media, culture, and sport. Photo from Jack Ben Edwards Instagram

Have you ever heard of a university vlogger who had “one week to save his degree?” A comical individual who turned his roommate’s room into a “museum?” On top of that, a determined scholar who finds time to share study tips with students? If you haven’t, the entertaining YouTuber you need to see is Jack Ben Edwards.

Putting fun in “fundamental,” Edwards is a lifestyle blogger, a YouTube personality and a periodic host for the BBC. The 20-year-old college student is majoring in English literature at Durham University in England.

Growing up as a hardworking student, I always strived to attain the highest scores I was capable of. As I watched countless college YouTubers during the summer of my freshman year, I stumbled upon Edwards — someone fond of traveling, reading, writing, taking photos and creating films. I saw a scholar who was passionately committed to helping students overcome their struggles in school by beating the educational system.

Edwards became the epitome of a hardworking student. Being an influencer and voice for the younger generation, he depicts a walkthrough of his college life, including study techniques, lifestyle topics, and his daily routine.

The YouTube personality constantly catches the attention of students who are serious about their studies, but that specific audience is just a part of a broader scale. Due to his motivational videos, the inspiring YouTuber also enthused individuals who were not former scholars to finally work hard in their academic endeavors. Students who used to have D’s in their assessments finally attain B’s or A’s.

He is well known for his “talents,” which include Scrabble, terminating free trials before they expire, creating puns, and rolling his eyes, according to his official website.

In addition, the young influencer’s book list encompasses “The Handmaid's Tale,” “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” “A Study in Scarlet,” “Lolita,” “Nineteen Eighty Four,” and “Frankenstein” — prominent novels that taught him insightful lessons to live by, according to his website.

"College" used to be a vague term for me — the typical perception of many clueless freshmen. As I saw the natural beauty and sophistication of Ivy League schools as well as other top-tier institutions, I became more curious on how I can grab a seat at Stanford University or at any other distinguished college.

My grade-point average and test scores were never a problem since I grew up in a household that accentuated the significance of education — the tool that enables everyone to reach vast horizons. Edwards, on the other hand, played a major role in my expedition because he was one of the first people who encouraged me to maximize my resources and opportunities.

Never had I seen someone who was fervent with showing others how to review for standardized tests while maintaining a fulfilled and serene life, despite the relentless stress schools can emanate. As a result, I spent my whole summer watching inspirational videos from the YouTube personality and others such as Tyler Su and Katie Tracy.

Walking through the school doors of my sophomore year, I was a better image compared with my previous self. I became a determined teen who had massive ambitions and high expectations for his future — someone who created his own opportunities.

As frequent nights of studying piled up and as commitments grew with extracurricular activities and personal projects, I reminisced thinking about giving up. However, Edwards’ videos kept me motivated and productive — reminding me that it is OK to take breaks.

Like other workaholics, I find satisfaction with every job done. Yet again, it is imperative to realize that we are not robots who continue to function without burning out. Happy moments and relaxation are integral aspects in one’s success — evident in self-actualized individuals.

Edwards undoubtedly left an imprint on me that will never be erased. The message that he continuously relays about the importance of education will forever be stored in my memories. That also holds true for his subscribers as they never failed to show their gratitude to him in the comments section of his videos.

Edwards not only encouraged people to succeed in their education but also in their lifelong excursion. The road to success starts with intrinsic motivation, followed by an edifying figure, and that for me was Edwards.

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