As we mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the long lines and huge sales following our Thanksgiving gatherings, we are faced with the adventure of shopping on Black Friday.

As teens, there are times when we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to Black Friday shopping. But sometimes this experience with our family is what makes it such a special shopping experience.

Jacob John Cruz Sablan, a senior at George Washington High School, said for him “the holiday season rings in when Thanksgiving hits... Black Friday is a time I enjoy spending with family.”

Sablan and his family normally go to Home Depot or Kmart during Black Friday, but if he gets the chance to, he would also like to add Macy’s and Foot Locker to that list.

Braving the Black Friday crowds versus online shopping

However, as online shopping is becoming more and more popular, teens are then faced if they would prefer to shop for cheaper things online or in person.

Ailin Wu, a senior at John F. Kennedy High School said the crowd helps add to the holiday experience.

"I prefer Black Friday because you are surrounded with everyone trying to get things and it is an experience itself," she said, adding that she uses this time for “buying things for family and friends.”

Since Black Friday is indeed an experience, Xianna Macatangay, a freshman at St. John’s School said she likes the bargains.

"Buying the items you've wanted and knowing that you bought it for less money” is what makes Black Friday an even better shopping event, she said.

And Macatangay added that Black Friday is great because it "is right before the weekend,” and she can enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving break with her family.

Sablan agreed that going out to the stores on Black Friday, as opposed to purchasing gifts online, not only adds a personal flavor to your gift selection – it's also in your hand and ready to wrap.

“It’s something tangible and something I don’t have to wait for to come in," Sablan said.

For these teens, the experience of going Black Friday shopping with family for gifts both for themselves and others is one truly special occasion that every teen has a place for in their hearts.

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