How to add personality to a room

IMAGES: Printing and arranging Polaroids are an aesthetically pleasing way to add captured memories to your room. Julianna Cabello/The Scoop

If walls could talk, what would your room say about your personality?

From decor to furniture arrangement, rooms can say a lot about the people who occupy them.

We gave our bedrooms a little touch of who we are. That said, here is our advice on how to jazz up your room.


Polaroids and other printed pictures can be more than cute mementos. They can add a fresh aesthetic to a room.

Being versatile, printed photos can be placed along the sides of a mirror, on a wall, or on a corkboard. Although printing photos can be costly, it is a timeless investment.

You can arrange the photos on your chosen surface to reflect your room’s aesthetic, mood or theme. By arranging them in your own way, you can add a special touch to your room.


The walls of one’s room are blank canvases ready for the art of free expression. Walls can be decorated with various tapestries.

Utilizing colors, textures or memorabilia are awesome ways to showcase a room design that shouts out your signature style.

An ancient way of decorating that is becoming popular is the hanging of cloth tapestries on the wall.

Popular prints and patterns include the simple variations of marble as well as island palms. The beautiful cloth pieces can come in various shapes and sizes.

If you plan on purchasing such a tapestry, try to wash it on a weekly basis. Cloth tapestries have been know to attract dust and lint so they need to be cleaned properly and periodically.

One of the biggest varieties of bright decor tapestry is at Trends Guam, where circular and fringy beach towels are being reused as colorful and circular templates that bring cheer to a room.


New bedsheets can easily change the mood of where you sleep. Holiday seasons, in particular, are times when you can get themed pillows and blankets.

String lights can add pizzazz to the headrest of your bed. They can add a little twinkle and can act as nightlights.

Another way to experiment with lights is to use LED strips. Decent ones can easily be found on Amazon for less than $20 and are customizable. Most designs have a remote that be used to change the color. LED strips can be placed behind the headrest and inside or behind the base of the bed, giving an ethereal look.

Pillow covers are something that can be customized in any way you please. Plain pillowcases with fabric paint make cute graphic design pillows. Old T-shirts can be made into no-sew pillowcases by cutting the shirts into two equal squares then cutting 1-inch slits along edges that can be tied around to “stitch” the fabric together.

Whatever you do, let your personality shine through your room decor. From your bedding to your walls, put it all together for a unique presentation that only you can imagine!

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