Looking for a place to hold a serious study session, mon?

The Jamaican Grill's Mangilao restaurant has an all-new Student Shack that aims to support students with high-quality study time – while also getting some brain food to keep the neurons running. 

In September, Jamaican Grill opened its newest location in Mangilao, a quick drive or short walk from nearby educational institutions including Guam Community College, George Washington High School and the University of Guam. With education in mind, Jamaican Grill created the Student Shack to accommodate students who need a place to get together in study groups.

"The Student Shack is unique because it allows students to be in an environment outside of the classroom but still have access to a TV for presentation, notes and instruct others," said Christine Matsuoka, the general manager at Jamaican Grill Mangilao.

The Student Shack can host 30 people and has a television that can be hooked up for presentations.

The spacious room has colorful paintings on the walls that give it a cheery vibe, but the solid wood desks let you know this is a place where work can get done. And although the Shack is located inside the restaurant, there are doors that close it off from the rest of the crowd to provide a cool and quiet study environment.

UOG freshman and biology major Gabe Leon Guerrero has utilized the Student Shack and said it's a welcome change.

"One of my issues as a student is I get bored of the scenery of educational buildings as I am there every day, every week. But with Jamaican Grill, I can have a change of pace and a new quiet study place," he said.

"The food here is very comforting because it aligns with the CHamoru fish and chicken that my CHamoru mom often cooks at home."

The restaurant – which has played a role in the community supporting educational programs with fundraisers, helping with charitable organizations, or saying thanks to first responders with meals – is now using its new location to help a little more.

Recently, a CHamoru class from UOG was held in the Shack. The class presented their lecture by using the Shack's television, and the instructor taught CHamoru using Jamaican Grill's menu and some other items. Through this, students not only gained a deeper knowledge into the roots of CHamoru culture but also studied within a CHamoru-infused setting. 

The Student Shack, understanding that students during their educational career have a tight budget, offers an array of tummy-filling but not wallet-emptying options.

"We do our best to supply a wide range of price options to satisfy all customers," Matsuoka said. "We are willing to listen and suggest the most affordable meal. Our meals are also large portions."

In addition, UOG students can take advantage of the UOG Triton App, which gives access to a discounted student plate.

Leon Guerrero said that made it easier on the wallet for him and his friends to get their study group together while enjoying dinner (he recommends the Jerk Chicken Sandwich with sweet potato fries).

Although the Student Shack is a new part of Jamaican Grill, its values are still deeply rooted in Jamaican Grill's motto, "Ya Mon Together We Can," Matsuoka said.

"Ya Mon Together We Can is really most meaningful to us," she said. "It's an inspiration and encouragement that no matter how tough life is, we are not alone. We are in this together."


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