The holidays are a time for celebration and to remember the blessings we enjoy. 

Sadly, many teenagers caught up in midterms, jobs and college admissions can lose sight of that cheer. The Scoop team has reached out to some of the Harvest Christian Academy’s youth and asked what Christmas means to them. 

Zajicek siblings 

For Eli Zajicek, third grade, and Natalie Zajicek, fifth grade, who are the children of HCA Administrator Pastor Jeremy Zajicek, Christmas means more than tinsel and gifts. 

To Natalie, Christmas is a reminder "that Jesus died on the cross for your sins so that he saves you.” Little brother Eli said for him Christmas is a reminder that "God is in control." 

They celebrate Christmas with a special dinner with their families. 

Rai Taylor

For first grader Rai Taylor, son of HCA Middle School Principal and Harvest House Director Joshua Taylor, Christmas is "Jesus' birthday." 

When asked what he was thankful for this holiday season, Rai's response was quick: “I’m thankful for my family and I’m thankful for my food.”

To celebrate Christmas, Rai wished to eat his favorite holiday food, turkey, and open presents with his siblings, and couldn’t wait to be a part the HCA Elementary Christmas program where he was a part of the choir and wished to sing his favorite song: “Joy to the World”.

Renae Lemuel and Jadon Padock 

Renae Lemuel and Jadon Padock are fourth grade students at HCA. 

When asked what they were grateful for Lemuel answered: “I’m thankful for the opportunity to come to this school (Harvest) and my parents.”

Jadon said: “I’m thankful for hearing about God because sometimes I don’t really get to learn about him.”

Lemuel and Padock’s favorite part about Christmas is helping out decorate and looking at all the festive ornaments, lights, and trees. 

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