For many seniors, there is a desire to make one’s final year in high school memorable. To make this possible, class councils try to get students involved in fun and unique activities to make their class stand out.

Krystel Dising, a senior at Simon Sanchez High School, said, “It’s important to make your years in high school the most memorable as you can (because) four years do go by really fast.”

As the SSHS Class of 2019 treasurer, Dising said the senior council tries to implement unique activities to make their senior year memorable. Such activities are Sharkfest, Shark Shake Up, Shark Run, and Sharkchella.

According to Dising, these activities also demonstrate "the hidden talents and different personalities students hold." These activities play a role in individual development, which to her, is an important aspect of one’s school experience.

Dising emphasized “having fun and making unforgettable memories.”

Personally, she thinks that her class isn’t trying to stand out from other 2019 classes. “We’re just trying to be us, and making our last year of high school the best that we can despite the conditions of our (facilities).”

Striving for improvement

Okkodo High School's 2019 class and its president, Justin Dacanay, have come a long way since their freshman year.

"It's now our turn to make our mark as the next (OHS) graduating class," Dacanay said.

Although Dacanay and his council believe it is important to make their class memorable, they don't actively work to make their class outshine the previous graduating classes of Okkodo Bulldogs.

"Rather, we strive for the purpose of improving the class and being ourselves," Dacanay said.

If anything, the spirit and pride of their class make the OHS seniors stand out. From pep rallies to fundraisers, their support and participation go above and beyond. Their recent haunted house, The Carnival, wouldn't have been such a hit if it weren't for their hard work and commitment.

Dacanay credits their bond and unity for their success.

“We eventually develop a greater bond," Dacanacy said. "The outcome, greater spirit and support for one another. That’s our Bulldogs pride.”

Being respectful

As the vice president of St. John School's senior class, Patrick Wang plays a big role in the way his class goes about different things in school. He makes sure his class retains the reputation of being respectful and outgoing.

The 18-year-old Mangilao resident said classes should do more than activities at school if they want to be special. "To make your class stand out, you should participate in more events, not only for school, but as a class do something that would benefit the community."

Holding such a position in the student council is very important to the senior. Wang has made it his mission to set a good example for the underclassmen who look up to him.

"My advice for the underclassmen is to be respectful and outgoing," Wang said. "Always respect your teachers and your peers, and never be afraid to contribute ideas."

With these wise words, Wang would like to send the underclassmen on their journey to make their classes great.

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