Editor's note: This is the first set of profiles featuring members of The Scoop team for school year 2019-2020. The second set of profiles will run next Wednesday.

Julianna Cabello: Living with purpose

Julianna Cabello, a vibrant 16-year-old, epitomizes everything in a dedicated and passionate individual. Her energy brightens the room and her studious lifestyle pushes Cabello to her best. From inspiring the youth to competing in international competitions, she is ready to make her mark on the world.

Cabello immerses herself in the academic environment. Since her junior year, she's become captain of her Mock Trial and Academic Challenge Bowl teams, placing among the top three teams both internationally and islandwide. She hopes to be invited to Carnegie Hall, as a result of winning a national gold medal, singing for her school’s Glee Club.

When Cabello wants to table her gamesmanship, she warms her heart by tutoring third graders. Working at summer school and voluntarily tutoring for her school’s National Honor Society, this hardworking teen says tutoring is her way of giving back to her beloved community.

In addition to public speaking, tutoring and singing, she is passionate about writing. Cabello joined The Scoop during her junior year to improve her writing and communication skills. Since then, the program endowed her with the chance to fulfill her ambitions — to become published and to provide a voice to teens in a professional setting.

Cabello’s parents push her to do her best. She knows that they will do everything they can to improve and inspire her. In addition to serving as her best friends and disciplinarians, they taught this proud Filipina to appreciate the opportunities she is blessed with.

“They put me in a really good school because they think it's best for me,” Cabello stated. “If I do my best, it's justice for what they did for me.”

Motivated by her dream, Cabello works diligently. Her ambition is to spread her smile and become a pediatric dentist. She wants to have a family and provide the same happiness and comfort she had growing up.

“I want to have the same familial setting that I was brought up in, where my parents are my best friends, living comfortably,” Cabello stated. “I want to provide for my kids and not worry about expenses. I want to be able to give back to the community that helped me achieve my goals.”

Though Cabello seems to have a vigorous lifestyle, she sees it as her purpose. She recognizes it as ample time to continue doing what she loves.

“When you're doing something you love," Cabello said, "time’s never wasted."

(Avinash Dhanraj/The Scoop)

Ron Rocky Coloma: Sharing his voice

Braving the discouraging abyss of a blank page, Ron Rocky Coloma takes his talent and skills to make the world about him a little brighter.

The 17-year-old at Father Duenas Memorial School stays involved in the community surrounding him. He spends his time singing, reading, writing and debating — working on his skills to, eventually, become a corporate lawyer by day and a journalist by night.

"My dream job is to become a writer for The New York Times and the National Geographic Magazine," he said.

The high school senior’s start in journalism began right before sophomore year, when he applied for The Scoop. This opened up several doorways to jump-start his journalism career, landing him into a writing position for Affinity Magazine and several other international magazines, as well as an editing position for The Scoop.

“I have always had a passion for writing ever since I was younger. … Joining The Scoop is a momentous aspect of my career, and it became a life-changing internship that I will forever cherish.”

While writing has always been a part of his life, Coloma has looked up to Anna Wintour, Vogue Magazine’s editor-in-chief, as a writer. Her willingness to stand out and defy the status quo motivated him.

“I always wanted to become a catalyst for change, to defy stereotypes and to fight for the voices of the minorities,” Coloma said. “With the motley of writing outlets that I am a part of, I was able to break barriers and create a safe space for teens to express their perspectives on numerous matters.”

Another significant role model in his life is his mother. "Her hard work and persistence inspired me to pursue my passion with all my heart and give back to the community," he said.

Despite spending much of his time writing, Coloma is also very involved in his school’s extracurricular activities. He even went so far as traveling to Dallas, Texas, last summer to compete in the National Debate and Speech Tournament and claiming “Best Speaker of The House” at Stanford University a year ago.

Though he used to fear stepping out of his comfort zone, he realized that progress takes risks. He said, “Every single successful person did not stop in one task. They ventured into different fields and acquired skills that enabled them to grow as an individual.”

(Kaitlyn Wolfley/The Scoop)

Hannah Daleno: Writing her own story

Just like the books she reads, Hannah Daleno embarks on her journey of creating her own story with boundless possibilities ahead of her.

With an artistic mind, the Harvest Christian Academy junior engages herself in the creative and academic fields. Although Daleno is not passionate about a specific activity, she enjoys painting and drawing. As a way of averting herself from working too much due to extracurricular activities and advanced classes, she found solace in them.

“I have explored many others [hobbies] since elementary,” Daleno said when asked about her hobbies. The 16-year-old is more of a reader than a writer. She wasn't constantly interested in writing until she became a part of The Scoop.

At a young age, the Maite resident continues to prove to be the brilliant mind that she is. Being the valedictorian of her public middle school didn't stop her from challenging herself even more. Her friends, family members and educators are the inspirations behind her accomplishments.

Her competence can be seen through how she thrives in high school. As Daleno took all advanced classes offered and joined the Junior State of America Summer School where she learned more about politics, Daleno described herself as a "workaholic." Her efforts will continue to produce rewards, as she dreams to become a pilot or a part of the chemistry field.

Daleno dances with the song of her life as she explores different things. The music enthusiast likes learning instruments and listening to music.

What she loves most about music is that any song can go with any mood she has. There are songs that can make her more relaxed when she’s happy, and there are songs that conflict her when she’s sad. Music helps her show her emotions in the moment.

"Music is a form of expression both by playing and listening and for others creating," Daleno added.

Her academic accomplishments don't only define her but also her talents and hard work that made her who she is today. It's a mix of everything that contributes to her success; she continues to surprise everyone with her feats.

Daleno is surely a young woman of heart and mind who's not defined by any single entity but with every little commodity.

(Eunice De Belen/The Scoop)

Eunice De Belen: Creating dishes, films, memories

Chef, art lover and film enthusiast, Eunice Joy G. De Belen is someone of a friendly and casual demeanor behind her studious first impression.

The Harmon resident is proud of her Filipino descent, growing up in a traditional Filipino household where she ate sinigang, says "po" as a sign of respect and addresses elders using "mano."

As part of her Filipino heritage, De Belen is very family-oriented. She even considers her sister to be one of her best friends. This summer, she enjoyed spending time with close and extended family in the Philippines and her other best friend whom she associates as her other sister.

Being as curious as a cat, this John F. Kennedy sophomore has an interest in many topics not taught in class. She wants to learn mechanics and coding, enjoys political discussions, has a deep appreciation for art and loves watching various sports.

The 15-year-old is especially interested in cooking and filmmaking.

De Belen is humble in her view of her skills, but she enjoys cooking chicken, steak and salmon. Inspired by such shows as "The Great British Bake Off," she also has a new love for baking as well. She loves following online recipes, watching how simple ingredients are mixed together to make a delicious dish. One of her favorite and first attempts to make food without a recipe was a banana bread she made over the summer.

When it comes to filmmaking, the Harmon resident enjoys making her own trailers for fun. These are often entertaining and comedic thrillers starring her sister and her. In the film industry, she looks up to creators of various backgrounds, such as Korean director Bong Joon Ho, Chinese director Wong Kar Wai and American filmmaker Wes Anderson, to name a few.

After high school, the sophomore hopes to pursue a career in the medical or science, technology, engineering and math field after being deeply moved by one of Bong Joon Ho's films: “Parasite.”

De Belen has two more years of her high school journey left and a lifetime of adventure ahead, but if there's one thing she wants to be remembered, it is for always being herself.

She described wanting to be remembered "as someone who's empathetic and lived her life with no regrets."

(Hannah Daleno/The Scoop)

Avinash Dhanraj: Building a toolkit for the future

Being driven, passionate and an overall jack-of-all-trades, Avinash Giovanni Varun Dhanraj is a home-schooled student, who spends his time developing his passions and talents in computer science and math.

Having moved from Washington state four years ago, Dhanraj was initially “apprehensive and skeptical” about moving to Guam, but he gradually adjusted. He and his family have enjoyed the change in weather and surroundings.

Being a home-schooled teen on Guam has allowed the junior to manage his online school schedule to accommodate his goals and needs as a student.

The 15-year-old is able to manage his course load with his intensive dual-enrollment program, allowing him to graduate from high school with an associate degree.

With great time  management skills, Dhanraj is able to scope out what he wants his future to include.

The well-rounded student participates in Guam’s annual science fairs. He participated in the 2019 University of Guam National Science Foundation internship. In addition, he is a member of the Guam Robotics Team.

Dhanraj prides himself in being a part of the team that represents Guam globally in international competitions around the globe, including one held in 2018 in Mexico.

Being a jack-of-all-trades, Dhanraj also spends his time playing video games, editing videos and playing the violin, but it all ties back to focusing on his academics and expanding his academic portfolio.

Dhanraj said, from a young age, his parents have “drilled the importance of education” into him and his siblings. He will always take that to heart in everything he does.

If there was one principle that he could impart to the teens of Guam, it would be the “law of attraction.”

"If you want something, you have to eat, breathe, and sleep it," he said. "You have to believe that you’ll get it, not in a cocky or overconfident way but rather applying yourself in the best way possible to achieve what you want.”

(Julianna Cabello/The Scoop)

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