Many teens and adults continue the time honored tradition of New Year resolutions. However, it isn't always embraced as teens look back at previous experiences, theirs or someone else's, and wonder why they should start something that won't be accomplished.

We were curious to see how people on Guam feel about the tradition, so we asked: What do you think of New Year's resolutions?

Katrina Sholing, Tiyan High School senior

"I personally don't set New Year's resolutions. I don't necessarily think they aren't useful, but I feel like there is a negative stigma to it because oftentimes the same people who set them and talk about them are the ones who do not follow through with their goals."

Joleen Limtiaco, Notre Dame High School counselor

"My 2020 resolution was to be more patient. I definitely made progress throughout the year, but I would like to make more progress this year. It helps that I write notes to myself to calm down and not be so anal retentive!"

Anthony Bonarrigo, Southern High School sophomore

"I do not set New Year's resolutions because I feel as if they are pointless."

Paulina Duenas, Guam Community College junior

"I do not have a goal for the New Year and I do not believe the best change comes from New Year's resolutions. I don't find them useful because I feel that expectations are set very high and so suddenly, which becomes overwhelming. Change comes from actually wanting to see something different in your life, you need determination to make that change and not just a new year."

Jake Russell Guevara, Father Duenas Memorial High School senior

"I do believe that New Year's resolutions can bring about the best changes to a person's life, because the new year offers people a clean slate to make those changes. While I didn't fully accomplish my goal, it allowed me to focus on other areas in need of self-improvement. Self-care was a major priority in 2020, especially due to the year bringing many ups and downs to my life. A focus on myself was very much needed."


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