Following the success of Okkodo High School’s benefit concert last year, OHS’ dance team, OHS HYPE, will hold ‘Dance for a Change’ in collaboration with different dance groups all over the island.

This year's concert will be held at 6 p.m. Feb. 8 at the Okkodo High School gymnasium. This will be the second benefit concert of the OHS HYPE, How Young People Entertain, which is a dance group created by English teacher Ruel Estoy in 2009 after he transferred from Simon Sanchez High School to Okkodo High. His co-advisor for the group is art teacher Rachel Siatong. 

“Dance for a Change will be an entertainment concert. We wanted to bring various dance groups from other high schools and on island to come together to fundraise towards the Special Olympics cause,” OHS HYPE’s President Christian Ramos said.

Showcasing talents and entertaining for a cause is what the upcoming Dance for a Change aims to do.

A portion of the proceeds of this year's event will be donated to Guam Special Olympics. Each year, the Guam Department of Education partners with the Special Olympics. Most GDOE schools have a group of differently-abled athletes who enter into the various competitions, which include bowling, swimming, and track and field events. The annual track and field event has been held at Okkodo High School for the last several years now. 

In addition to the OHS' HYPE, there will be performances of various dance genres provided by John F. Kennedy High School's Uprising, Tiyan High School's TitanHood, the University of Guam's Triton’s Collective, and Guam Dance Community. 

Estoy said HYPE members as well as each of the performing groups have been given tickets to sell prior to the show, at $5 each. Tickets also will be available at the door on the night of the performance for $7 a person. 

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