One of the main goals of Harvest Christian Academy’s Future Business Leaders of America club is to encourage change while teaching responsible entrepreneurship this holiday season.

For seven years, the chapter has been a part of one of the largest career student business organizations in the world. Members have always sought to follow their vision to “inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society.” The Harvest chapter accomplishes this by selling their Atlas Cards to help fundraise for Harvest House, a foster care home run by Harvest Baptist Church.

Analina Koh, the president of Harvest’s FBLA, said the Atlas Card that is a discount card is part of a fundraising effort to help support the Harvest House foster care organization.

“It is an islandwide effort from generous business owners giving these discounts to the public, and the citizens of Guam contributing money toward our beneficiary,” she said.

Koh, a 16-year-old junior at Harvest Christian Academy, has been a member of FBLA since her freshman year. With her adviser Jonathan Marchall, Vice Presidents So Jung An and Paige Mantanona, Treasurer Yuan-Jen Kuo and Secretary of Marketing Jasmine Lin, they hope to do their part to help kids at Harvest House.

FBLA has raised the bar this year by ordering the production of 3,000 cards — six times more cards produced compared to last year.

After the printing company that assisted in making the cards is paid, all remaining profits will be given to Harvest House and will be presented later during chapel. Chapel is a gathering of the senior high students in the auditorium during the life skills class hour.

Motivated by altruism and the need to improve the quality of life on island, none of the club members are paid for their efforts to gather support from local businesses or sell the cards.

“I chose to become president because of the children I saw when I volunteered at Harvest House. It was eye-opening to see how I had the ability to bring smiles to the faces of these children who have been shortchanged by society," Koh said. “The Atlas card is a great way to generate operational costs for Harvest House.”

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