Blues lovers of all ages gathered on Jan. 26 at the Marianas Yacht Club for the annual Blues by the Bay event. For the sixteenth year in a row, attendees danced, socialized, and had fun to the tune of rock and roll and blues. On the water at the Sasa Bay Preserve, the Marianas Yacht Club has been a non-profit on Port Authority land since 1969, having celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

The Marianas Yacht Club offers many programs for prospective teens, such as Youth Sailing Program for Beginners through Racers, Red Cross Sailing Instructions, International Yacht Races, and an upcoming Boat Regatta with Japan this February. They also offer people an excellent opportunity for “cultural exchange and youth training,'' says Commodore (president of a yacht club) Tim Armour.

An example of this is the annual Rota Race during Memorial Day weekend, which can serve as “a chance for sailors to visit the Marianas Islands.” Armour cites new people discovering the Marianas Yacht Club for the first time through Blues by the Bay as one of his favorite parts about the event.

'Bake Sail'

The event also served as a fundraiser for young sailors Evan Chase, a 14-year old at McCool Elementary and Middle School and Made Bradley, a 19-year old attending the University of Guam.

They will be attending a sailing competition in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong in February. Sponsored by the Yacht Club, Chase and Bradley will represent Guam on laser sail boats.

Chase, who will be racing in an international regatta for the first time, expressed his excitement and how he is “really hyped” for the event. Although somewhat new to the game, Chase knowledgeably shares that he will be “racing a Laser 4.7." Laser being the type of hull and 4.7 being the sail class.

Bradley has been sailing for four years, and will be attending the Hong Kong competition for the first time as a competitor, having previously coached for the event. Bradley loves sailing, because “it's a great freedom as a teenager.”

He points out not having to pay for gas and environmental friendliness as benefits for this mode of transportation. A U.S. Sail Certified Level 1 Instructor and coach, he stressed the importance of confidence for new and inexperienced sailors. Experience and patience has taught the UOG student that “everyone learns in their own different way. If someone is confident with a positive attitude, they can do it.”

The youth sailors will also be hosting another bake sale at the Marianas Yacht Club on Sunday, Feb. 2 from 2-5 p.m. All are welcomed to stop by and support the teens for their upcoming competition. At the bake sale, more information about the Marianas Yacht Club and their upcoming events for new or experienced sailors is also available.

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