The St. John’s School Drama Club is back at it again with a new production. This year’s production, titled “The Audition,” is an original idea by Karen Flores, who produces and directs these wonderful pieces of art.

For those who love an original storyline in a play with a lot of fun and wacky characters, this is the production for you.

“The Audition” cast is spread in age and gender, and their roles celebrate the diversity of people in not only race but also talent.

The two-night production will bring you loads of laughter with various characters including just about anything you can think of. Each plays a special part in the overall message of the play.

These characters come from different beginnings, as each has his or her own niche. However, all possess a common passion for the theater, and “The Audition” hosted by the Royal Reality Show is a way for them to share their talents with the world.

However, the road to sharing their talents becomes one of fierce competition. Along the way, the audience can expect heaps of original humor.

The production boasts many familiar songs as it will take you through time with some of the greatest hits from the 1960s and onward. These jams will have you dancing in your seat, and you will be eager to hear which familiar tune comes next.

Also, the audience can expect colorful lighting, setting an appropriate mood for each scene and adding an extra element that makes the overall production more fun.

The venue of the production allows for the cast to have interactions with the audience and for viewers to see the actors' expressions up close.

Overall, the production is a humorous take on the fierce competitiveness in show business and a realization that everyone, no matter the background, has a wonderful talent to share with the world and that is something that should be celebrated!

Flores and the cast invite all of those within and outside the SJS community to come and enjoy the production at 7:30 p.m. May 10 and 11 on the second floor of The Plaza in Tumon.

With comedy and a positive message, “The Audition” will put you in a good mood.

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