Being in a relationship may be common for some, but only a few couples can fit certain titles. The Scoop looked for three couples that exemplified being photogenic and longtime sweethearts.

Most Instagrammable

Caleb Laserna and Cleeara Perez have been together for 15 months. Enthusiastic about sports, they first met at an off-season wrestling camp. They met again at a Russ concert. It seemed as though fate was drawing them together from the start.

The couple reminisced about the time when they figured out that they were meant for each other.

“We knew by the time of our first date that something was ought to happen. When you’ve found him/her, you’ll just know. Both of us became each other’s permanent fixture, a force that leads us back to security and love,” Perez said.

Like other couples, both explained that no relationship is ever picture perfect. There are always mistakes.

“We are humans and sometimes the pressure gets to us, but we just don’t show it,” Laserna said.

Many people have considered them as “Instagrammable” because they are very close as a couple, posting more of each other than of themselves. They usually just take photos at any place they end up going to.

There are so many special memories they share together, but they cherish the little unexpected adventures.

Laserna said, “We believe Hawaii has to be the most memorable place for the both of us. We went out there for a wrestling competition as well as enjoyed our leisure time for ourselves.”

Laserna would have to be the most photogenic of the two of them, as Perez revealed. Even though they don’t prepare poses, they usually just find a nice spot to take a picture and hope for the best outcome.

Instagram is such a huge platform that it allows the couple to show their love for each other.

“We hope that, as a couple, our photos will help influence those relationships who need a little bit of hope in love.”

(Ron Rocky Coloma/The Scoop)

Most likely to be high school sweethearts

Gavin Jean Moore and Mia Isabelle Oberiano Gumban have been together for one year and 10 months, and their journey as a couple has been nothing short of beautiful.

The title of “Most Likely to be High School Sweethearts” has been given to them countless times. Their love for each other and for God surely account for it.

But even in the beginning of their relationship, they had to go through certain hardships.

Moore recalled, “We became close friends, but it was hard at first. We are in different grades, and I am her first boyfriend, so her family was protective, you know, which is completely understandable.”

But Moore is happy that they went through these things because it was an opportunity for them to grow as individuals and as a couple.

When asked what makes their relationship special, Moore said, “Mia does. I have had past girlfriends, and in relationships you learn a lot of things. I feel like Mia helped me learn a lot of things about myself as well as teach me the true meaning of love.”

Gumban also finds happiness in their relationship because of the amount of work that they contribute to their relationship.

She said, “We both value our relationship so much which eventually affects how much work we put into making us work. It’s crazy to see how we are so committed to each other and getting through anything God challenges us with.”

And like every relationship, Moore and Gumban had to continue to face challenges, when Moore graduated and moved to California for college.

“Long distance is a challenge, but what we do is we try to have a relationship through God. We pray for each other and for our relationship a lot, and with that comes trust and loyalty,” Moore said.

But their relationship as a couple is a testimony that long-distance relationships are successful if you and your partner put the same amount of energy into the relationship.

Gumban said, “We make our long distance work with a lot of trust, understanding, communication and honesty. I know those are givens, but it’s really what helps the long distance work.”

Gumban and Moore's relationship also serves as a reminder to other long-distance couples to stay committed and to find strength in their significant others.

Additionally, their love for each other is ever-present, but their future together is also a part of their goals.

Moore said that in 10 years, he looks forward to wherever God takes them. "I see us together for sure, very happy, too," he added.

Gumban said, “In 10 years, I would like to see Gavin and I together, already graduated from college and with jobs we love, in our apartment kitchen cooking spaghetti.”

Lastly, Moore described Gumban as “really special" and "kindhearted." He added, "Her family’s pretty awesome, too."

Meanwhile, Gumban wants the world to know that she is blessed to have Moore in her life.

"I’m glad I was able to find someone who makes me the happiest I’ve ever been, someone who understands my struggles, someone who looks at what I think are my flaws as beautiful, and finally someone who never gives up on us," she said.

Through their relationship, Moore and Gumban said they hope to show that “love, with the help of God, conquers all.”

(Julianna Cabello/The Scoop)

Longest relationship

Seniors Courtney Buendicho and Noah Brooks have been dating for two years and eight months.

Although the couple went to the same middle school, their spark did not ignite until high school when they walked the halls of different campuses.

During their freshman year, they waited together for their buses at Agana Shopping Center after school. The following summer, Brooks told Buendicho of the feelings he had for her because they were scared of drifting apart since the school year was over.

For Buendicho, their relationship not only taught her how to love someone else but also showed her how to love herself.

She admits that self-confidence was something that she lacked in middle school, but when Brooks entered her life he showed her everything she should love about herself.

“I was always very shy and soft-spoken, but he would always encourage me to be myself because it is the best thing for me,” Buendicho said.

Their relationship has brought her through the darkest of times and showed her the importance of loving yourself.

While smiles and love are things that the couple radiates in any environment, they admit that there is no perfect relationship. One of the reasons they have been able to stay together for nearly three years is the amount of growth they have experienced because of disagreements that allowed them to change for their future.

“You should not give up each other just because of little arguments here and there,” Buendicho said, because those little disagreements are what will bring a couple closer.

(Avianna San Nicolas/The Scoop)

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