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This weekend we take a break from the usual water hikes (although, there are water options if you want to include them), and explore some of the more historical parts of the island that grant hikers sweeping views of the island’s western coast from up high and down below. We also hike along … Read more

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In English, "Ad Astra" means "to the stars," but it's precisely the film's earthbound emotional truths that give it heft, meaning and grandeur. After Brad Pitt's mellow, deceptively simple supporting performance in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," this far more subtle and technically challen… Read more

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There's a lot of smoke and mirrors in "The Hummingbird Project," a financial thriller that employs the kind of just-plausible-enough dialogue to make you not only think it could happen, but that it did happen. When Vinny Zaleski - played by Jesse Eisenberg, doing his trademark neurotic shtic… Read more

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Love is in the air and love birds are floating from store to store searching for that perfect gift – one that not only sparks that eye-twinkling, smile-widening burst of emotion, but one that serves as an offering from the heart. Read more

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Natsuo Obak, also known as "Nats," of Airai, Palau, and formerly of Tamuning, died March 31 … Read more

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