SAIPAN — Former University of Macau law professor John Mo Shi Jian is giving former Imperial Pacific International LLC Chairwoman Cui Li Jie bad advice, attorney Juan Lizama said in an email to her assistant and interpreter dated June 3.

The email was among the other communications disclosed in federal court as part of Cui's submitted declaration regarding the court's requirement to preserve electronically stored information in the lawsuit of seven construction workers regarding labor abuse and human trafficking allegations.

"Johnny Mo may be a law professor, but he has bad common sense. He is all for himself," said Lizama in his email to How Yo Chi.

Macau News Agency reported in January 2021, that Macau's "Court of Second Instance announced today ... that it has decided to overturn a previous acquittal decision and charged John Mo Shi Jian, the former head of the University of Macau ... Faculty of Law, to a six-year prison sentence for sexually abusing a student."

He is in Saipan, according to a source.

Lizama recently filed a motion to withdraw from representing Cui, who is a third-party witness in the lawsuit of the seven construction workers against IPI and its former contractor and subcontractor, MCC International and Gold Mantis Construction Decoration, both of which have settled with the plaintiffs.

Cui told the District Court for the NMI that she was not satisfied with the representation of Lizama, and had asked the court for additional time to look for a "competent attorney."

District Court Chief Judge Ramona Manglona last week ordered Cui to provide the court with her cell phone data and submit an affidavit detailing her use of ESI.

IPI recently announced Cui's resignation as board chair and executive director.

But Aaron Halegua, the lawyer of the seven workers who sued IPI, said Cui's resignation does not change or modify her obligation to comply with the court orders.

On May 24, Judge Manglona entered a $5.9 million default judgment in favor of the plaintiffs against IPI.