Cannabis commission approves CNMI Producer Class 2 license

FIRST IN THE ISLANDS: Christopher Meyers and Angus Noble of Max Investments LLC are pictured with CNMI Cannabis Commission permitting and licensing lead Erik Basa, right. Photo courtesy of the CNMI Cannabis Commission

SAIPAN — CNMI Cannabis Commission board members voted unanimously to approve the application package for a marijuana Producer Class 2 license, the first of its kind in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

The license was issued on Oct. 7 to Max Investments LLC. The company, which does business as Max Farms, is now licensed to engage in the legal cultivation of marijuana within 750 square feet to 2,999 square feet.

In addition, the commission recently renewed the licenses of six marijuana businesses following their license expiration on Sept. 30.

According to local law, all marijuana licenses are subject to expiration on Sept. 30 of each year and must have their renewal applications approved by the commission to continue conducting business within the commonwealth.

T-Marianas renewed its Producer Class 1 license; Saipan Select its Retailer and Producer Class 3 licenses; CanaMariana's its Retailer and Producer Class 1 licenses; and Common Wealth Cannabis its Retailer license.

Industry moving forward

"We are pleased to see the cannabis industry move forward through the submission of new commercial applications, issuance of new licenses and the renewal of existing licensed marijuana businesses," said Cannabis Commission Managing Director Monique Sablan.

"It continues to be the top priority of the CNMICC board and staff to confirm compliance with the laws, rules and regulations from applicants and licensees to ensure overall safety of our community and responsible use within the commonwealth."

Depending on the type of license issued by the commission, a licensed cannabis business will be authorized to commercially cultivate, manufacture, store, distribute, allow for on-site consumption, or sell marijuana to a person 21 or older within the CNMI.

The commission currently is accepting applications for: Marijuana Producer (Micro Producer, Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3); Marijuana Wholesale; Marijuana Retail; Marijuana Processor; and Marijuana Lounge (Class 1 or Class 2).

Those interested in applying for marijuana licenses are encouraged to contact Erik Basa, CNMI Cannabis Commission Division of Permitting and Licensing lead, at, or call 670-488-0420 to schedule an appointment.

All applications and information related to the commission can be found online at