SAIPAN - A Chinese cosmetic company launched its newest anti-aging product at Saipan World Resort last week, said Monique Kramer of Discover Saipan Tour Co., which provided tour accommodations to the visitors.

About 300 personnel from DYZ Company visited Saipan for training and recreational activities during the launch of its newest product. 

Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang thanks DYZ, a Chinese company, for donating $800 to the island’s typhoon recovery program.

Lu Wang, chief executive officer of DYZ company, brought along 300 employees to Saipan.

The launching ceremony on island was attended by Chinese television and movie personalities including actress Yang Yi as well as business executives and product endorsers, Kramer added.

She said the company’s staff members stayed on island from July 9-13 to participate in training and recreational activities provided as incentives by their employer.

At the product launching, the company turned over an $800 donation to Apatang for the post-typhoon recovery program on Saipan.

Kramer said Discover Saipan will continue to help bring in more tourists and business executives to the island.

In a separate interview, Apatang expressed his appreciation to DYZ and Discover Saipan.