SAIPAN – There's a need to replace engines 4 and 8 at Power Plant 1, Commonwealth Utilities Corp. Executive Director Gary Camacho said.

“We’ve already gone through the procurement process and we understand exactly what it is we need to be able to acquire them,” he said, adding that CUC has collectibles to fund the acquisition of the new engines which will produce 10 to 11 megawatts each.

Camacho said the current engines have lifespan of over 25 years only, “and it is very difficult and challenging at this time to make repairs,” he added.

He said the new engines use efficient technology and will generate more kilowatt hours.

A new Engine 8 will cost $12 million, and CUC will soon learn the cost of acquiring a new engine 4, Camacho said.

As of Aug. 23, CUC’s total generation was 25,209,492 kWh, or 0.15% or 38,530 kWh higher than the previous month.

On Saipan, the total feeder load was 23,376,300 kWh and the total fuel consumption was 1,704,786 gallons.

The peak load at night was 42.6 megawatts while the peak load during the day was 41.5 megawatt.

Power Plant 1 generated 39.5 megawatts; Power Plant 2, 6 megawatts; and Power Plant 4, 11.1 megawatts. The reserved capacity was 14.6 megawatts.