SAIPAN – Tristine Ada, who works in the private sector, said tax rebates and the child tax credit are a big help for parents like him. He has two daughters, a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old.

"It helps a lot, especially now that the new school year is coming so I need to buy school supplies for my 4-year-old daughter," he said in an interview.

This year's increased child tax credit, Ada added, will also help him pay the debts he incurred to recover from the damage caused by Supertyphoon Yutu.

On Monday, the Department of Finance announced that $7.1 million in tax rebates would be released starting Tuesday.

Speaker Blas Jonathan Attao welcomed the announcement, saying, "People will be spending the money for their kids."

He added, "We in the government are very appreciative of that. The parents who will receive the money, I'm sure will also appreciate that."

Gov. Ralph Torres reiterated his administration's commitment to releasing tax refunds, rebates and child tax credit as soon as they become available.

"I want our hardworking taxpayers to know that this administration is taking every measure possible to get these funds in your hands, starting with $7.1 million in child tax rebates," the governor said. "Protecting our families is a top priority, and these funds will help families with children increase their ability to meet their most immediate needs."

Lt. Gov. Arnold Palacios expressed his appreciation to the Department of Finance for its hard work and due diligence in releasing the first batch of tax checks to families.

He thanked Finance Secretary David Atalig and his team at Revenue and Taxation, Treasury and Electronic Data Processing "for working tirelessly these past few weeks for our taxpayers."

Echoing the governor's sentiments, Palacios said checks "will go a long way for our families, and we look forward to the release of additional checks for our community."

Atalig said the first batch of checks is for filers with dependents who filed on time and whose tax returns are free of errors.