SAIPAN — A former U.S. Postal Service employee, Mark Champaco Tyquiengco, has pleaded not guilty to a federal grand jury indictment charging him with mail theft.

Tyquiengco appeared last week in the federal court in Saipan with his court-appointed defense counsel, Robert Torres, for an initial court proceeding.

Through his counsel, Tyquiengco also denied allegations in a forfeiture part of the case.

According to the grand jury charges, on or about March 6, 2017, Tyquiengco "did knowingly and unlawfully steal and take" a package intended to be conveyed to a Saipan resident, while he was still an employee of the Postal Service.

Assistant United States Attorney James Benedetto told the court that he will not be seeking detention for Tyquiengco.

Benedetto also stated that the government has no objection for the defendant to travel with his wife to pick up their minor child in Washington state.

Presiding Judge Ramona Manglona ordered Tyquiengco to submit his travel itinerary and ticket to the probation office.

Torres also stated that Tyquiengco has moved to Guam, and requested that the U.S. probation office in Guam monitor him.

The court allowed Tyquiengco to reside in Guam.

The federal court also ordered Tyquiengco to be released, while waiting for trial, on condition that he abide by terms and conditions set by the court.

The court set Tyquiengco's jury trial to start on Aug. 15, 2017, at 10 a.m.