SAIPAN — About 12 NMI Citizens for Change gathered peacefully on Friday afternoon in San Jose, Beach Road to call attention to issues they say are important to local residents.

John Furey, who is also an NMI Democratic Party executive committee member, told Variety that the government hears them and the community supports what they do.

“We are getting their attention,” he added.

He said many commuters honked their horns as they passed by the NMI Citizens for Change who displayed signs regarding issues they want resolved.

“You can see people agreeing, especially on public finances. I want to see more openness and more transparency in government policy,” Furey added.

He also wants a “working two-party system” in the CNMI.

He said the NMI Citizens for Change aim to be “a voice of the people that call the CNMI home.”

The group wants an honest government that puts the interest of its people first and not just for the few, he added.

He said the group envisions a change of leadership in 2020, a general election year. “People want leaders they can trust and have confidence in,” he added.

According to NMI Democratic Party Chairwoman Nola Hix, the NMI Citizens for Change plan to gather every austerity Friday until the issues they raised are addressed by the government.

“We must continue to fight for the sake of our people,” she said in a recent social media post.

She added that the best thing to do is to “continue to educate ourselves on the issues surrounding our islands so we can all work together to make them better.”