SAIPAN — The 2020 midterm election was smooth, orderly and peaceful, Commonwealth Election Commission Executive Director Julita Villagomez said on Tuesday.

She said she also did not receive any reports of untoward incidents throughout the early voting period from Oct. 13 to Nov. 2.

However, she said a few voters "got lost" and didn't know where they were supposed to vote on Tuesday, but poll workers provided prompt assistance to the voters.

Vivian Nogis, a Republican Party supporter who observed the election at Oleai Elementary School, said Republicans and Democrats in the area shared food and drinks.

In Koblerville, Democratic and Republican supporters faced each other across the road to express support for their candidates while maintaining civility.

Former Speaker Joseph Deleon Guerrero, a Republican, said members of both parties demonstrated their support for their candidates "peacefully, orderly and with respect."

Early voting turnout

CEC Executive Director Julita Villagomez said between 7,000 and 8,000 voters participated in the early voting period, which was a good turnout.

The CNMI has over 18,000 registered voters.

"The early voting at first was slow but toward the end it picked up," she added.

She also said that the CEC has two brand-new tabulating machines that work much faster than the old ones.

At Dandan Middle School and Koblerville Youth Center, polling supervisors said they did not encounter any big issues. "It was orderly and organized," one of them said.

In Koblerville, a poll worker said some voters from San Antonio and As Lito didn't know the location of their designated polling places.

"There was confusion, but we gave them proper directions," the poll worker said.

Glenn Manglona, an independent House candidate for Precinct 1, believes that many voters want to see changes in the composition of the Legislature.

"We are all affected by legislative policies," he said, adding that if elected, he will ensure that there is funding for necessary public projects and the retirees' pension checks.