SAIPAN - Sen. Paul A. Manglona again wrote to Finance Secretary David Atalig asking the department to release the poker and casino license fees appropriated for Rota patients.

Public Law 20-10 appropriated $65,000 for medical-referral patients from Rota.

On March 14 and Oct. 10, Manglona asked Atalig to help the ailing residents of Rota by releasing the funds. These payments, he added, are long overdue.

“I am aware of the reduction in the general fund resources for this new fiscal year and understand the impacts of this reduction on our public operations and services. However, as I stated before, payments for interisland medical-referral patients are not funded through the general fund. These are funded by way of special appropriations from poker fees and annual casino license fees,” the senator said.

He said he believes that Rota local funds are still available from past appropriations for medical expenditure purposes.

Manglona also noted that even Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna made a request to the finance secretary for the $65,000, which she said was identified by P.L. 20-10 for medical-referral patients of CHCC from Rota.

“I am kindly requesting your office to process the transfer of the funds to CHCC expeditiously,” Manglona told Atalig.

The Marianas Variety was unable to get a comment from the finance secretary.