(SAIPAN) – The Board of Education will hire former Kagman High School principal Dr. Alfred Ada as the new education commissioner, a source said.

On Tuesday morning, the BOE held a meeting to interview Ada and the other applicant, Kagman Elementary School principal Dr. Ignacia Demapan.

Ada said he had not been informed by the board if he was selected.

“But it was a great interview. They asked a lot of questions, from professional development to parental involvement and performing schools.”

He said his responses to the questions were focused on students. “Every decision to make should always be for the good of our students,” he added.

Ada, who started teaching in public schools in the early 1990s, said: “If selected, every decision I will make will always be based on a collaboration with the leadership team. You need to have a team in order to ensure progress and growth.”

Regarding the teachers’ “frozen” pay hike, Ada said: “I will have to work with the Department of Finance. There will be fact-finding first on what we can do. I don’t have an answer right now, but I will prioritize the schools and will make sure that there is a teacher in every classroom. I want to make sure that our students will have quality teachers.”

If hired as commissioner, Ada will succeed Glenn Muna who resigned effective Nov. 12.

Muna became acting commissioner in Nov. 2017 and was hired as commissioner in Nov. 2018.