SAIPAN - Janee Marie Famy Babauta was summoned to federal court on accusations that she illegally accessed her mother’s Bank of Guam savings account and used more than $12,000 of the money.

District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands Magistrate Judge Heather L. Kennedy on Monday issued a court summons. On Monday afternoon, U.S. Marshal Samuel Sosa served the summons to Babauta.

The prosecutor is Assistant U.S. Attorney Garth Backe while attorney Bruce Berline was appointed by the court to represent Babauta.

According to the indictment, sometime around March 20 and April 15, Babauta “did knowingly and with intent to defraud and execute a scheme to obtain money under the control of Bank of Guam by means of false and fraudulent pretenses, by providing her mother’s personal identifying information in order to gain access to her mother’s savings account and converting approximately $12,208.40 to her own use through online transfers, transactions, and purchases.”

Bank fraud is punishable by a maximum of 30 years' imprisonment and fines of not more than $1 million.

A criminal forfeiture allegation was also incorporated in the indictment against Babauta.

If convicted, she would forfeit to the U.S. government all property derived from the proceeds of the bank-fraud allegation.