DOC: Officer followed policies during stabbing death

INVESTIGATION: The Department of Corrections as seen Nov. 13, 2022, in Mangilao. DOC Director Robert "Bob" Camacho confirmed the officer assigned to the Minimum-In unit at the time prisoner Cesar Dizon was stabbed "followed supervision policies relevant" to the unit. David Castro/The Guam Daily Post

The Department of Corrections' investigation into a stabbing death at the prison found the officer assigned “followed all supervision policies.”

DOC Director Robert “Bob” Camacho told The Guam Daily Post the prison completed its internal investigation into the stabbing death of inmate Cesar Dizon, allegedly by M.B. Koto.

The charges and internal investigation stem from a corrections officer telling police he was doing hourly checks at the prison's minimum-in unit when he saw Dizon on the floor with multiple stab injuries in August, court documents state.

As Koto was charged with aggravated murder with a special allegation of possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony in the Superior Court of Guam, DOC launched its own investigation, which Camacho said found “the officer assigned to that unit followed all supervision policies relevant to this unit.”

Despite there being no officer negligence found by investigators, Camacho said the prison has made major changes since Dizon's death.

“We restructured our entire command structure to enhance security measures. We changed the level of leadership management for that unit, modified and improved screening qualification and eligibility to participate in the minimum level program, increased drug testing, security inspections, psychological evaluations and other safeguards,” said Camacho, who added that DOC is trying to “improve operations to ensure this type of incident doesn't occur again.”

Camacho explained the minimum-in unit is where inmates are “close to their parole release, full-time release or have gone through specific programs” and they do community service, participate as facility work crews, work release or educational release.


According to court documents, Dizon allegedly was stabbed in the chest 10 times.

Another corrections officer then saw Koto wearing different clothes from the rest of the inmates and allegedly heard Koto say, “I did it.”

Dirty, bloodstained clothes were later found, along with a fresh cut and dried blood on Koto's left palm and dried blood on one of his toes, court documents state.

A kitchen knife was found in the common area and a butter knife was found inside Koto's assigned locker, along with a makeshift cardboard sheath, which appeared to have dried blood on it, according to court documents.

Koto was serving five years in prison after being sentenced in March 2019 in connection with an aggravated assault case. He was preparing to go before the Guam Parole Board before the incident.

Dizon was serving a life sentence for the 1995 deadly shooting of attorney Jan Rubinstein.


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