GDOE defends breakfast portion, menu served to high school students

SCHOOL MEALS: A picture of a breakfast meal served by the Guam Department of Education to students on Thursday has been called into question. GDOE contends the serving meets the federal guidelines for a nutritious balanced meal. Contributed photo

A breakfast meal served to Tiyan High School students earlier this week raised some concern, with a picture shared on social media having some parents questioning the portion size fed to high school students.

The picture showed two slices of cold-cut meat, an orange, graham crackers and two boxed drinks.

The Guam Daily Post sent the picture to the Guam Department of Education to verify if the meal pictured was an accurate depiction of the meal served to students on Thursday.

GDOE officials confirmed, but noted that it was not the initial meal scheduled for breakfast that day.

“Due to a shortage of brown rice, our vendor substituted the brown rice with graham crackers,” said GDOE officials.

But what was on the menu wasn’t the only concern raised. Whether the portion size was adequate for growing teenagers was also called into question. 

According to the final rule nutrition standards of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program’s meal pattern, a high school student should receive 9 to 10 ounces of grains at breakfast. GDOE said they are in compliance.

"The breakfast meals still met federal guidelines for a nutritious and balanced breakfast for our students. Our vendor is prepared the serve the scheduled breakfast and lunch menus for tomorrow (Friday),” GDOE officials said.

GDOE follows The School Breakfast Program which sets the guidelines for nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free breakfasts to children each school day.

"The meal pattern and nutrition standards are based on the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans, though decisions about specific food items to serve and how to prepare food are made by local school food authorities,” GDOE’s website stated.


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