GDOE provides more details about summer school

FERNANDEZ: Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez visits Simon Sanchez High School to welcome students during the first day of face-to-face classes, on Tuesday, Jan. 19, in Yigo. GDOE is preparing to offer summer school. Post file photo.

Summer school will begin on June 7, but registration can't open until the Guam Department of Education works out all the details.

"At this point, we are still trying to finalize the hours. I think that was the key thing was to put the pencils down let's set the hours," said Fernandez.

Although GDOE was considering offering two sessions for the Summer school program, it must also consider bussing schedules.

"I think the team is ready to say let's just do one session but longer hours. And try to address every student who wants to go to summer school," said Fernandez.

Once GDOE nails down Summer School hours, Fernandez said, registration will begin.

"We believe we have all the resources to be able to support an expanded number of students and be able to pay the teachers a rate that's attractive to them to work over the summer," said Fernandez.

"The number of teachers that we can hire will definitely be based on how many students are going to be registered and coming for summer school and subsequent to that whether or not we have the teacher pull," Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Joe Sanchez said.

Teachers' are paid on a stipend. Sanchez couldn't provide an amount, but said the stipend is federally funded and GDOE would make sure it was fair.

As for bussing, funding for Summer School bussing typically comes out of GDOE's budget. This year the Governor will use educational funding provided to her to pay for bussing services.

Fernandez said it's essential for GDOE to nail down the numbers this week so the department can begin to work on additional activities for students.

"In addition to that, we want to do some outreach to our Mayors and nonprofit organizations to help us with the after hours. So I think at the end of the day, summer school won't go past 1 pm," said Fernandez.

Fernandez said this allows GDOE to partner with Mayors and other organizations to provide after-hour activities.

Once GDOE nails down those hours, the department will want to work with the Governor's office on outreach to provide programmed activities.

"Whether it be recreational, whether it be additional academic tutoring, whether it be socio-emotional training, health-focused curriculum whatever it is, we think there are a lot of opportunities to build around a Summer School program," said Fernandez.

The goal is to get students back in the classroom, engaged, and active before the next school year.


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