Guam Customs Director Ignacio "Ike" Peredo has taken a deal with the government in the case involving an assault at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport.

"He pled to harassment as a petty misdemeanor, and the conduct he pled to was offensive tapping on the shoulder of the alleged victim," said Peredo's defense attorney Anthony Perez.

Peredo's admission to offensive tapping on the victim's shoulder fulfills the elements of harassment, said Perez.

The victim is a female employee at Customs.

Peredo is on probation for up to six months. He must complete 50 hours of community service and pay a fine of $250.

"He will fulfill the terms of his probation expeditiously," said Perez.

The plea also suspends Peredo's sentence of 60 days incarceration, with credit for time served.

The petty misdemeanor will have no bearing on Peredo's position as Guam Customs and Quarantine director, said Perez.

"Harassment as a petty misdemeanor is the lowest offense anyone can be charged with or plea to," Perez said.

Peredo was booked and released on July 9, 2020, according to Post files. Airport police were notified and responded to a reported assault in the Customs inspection area.

A stay-away order was worked into the plea agreement. Peredo is not allowed within 500 feet of the victim.

"The Defendant is permitted to continue his employment as the director of Customs and Quarantine Agency and to attend meetings and site visits at GCQA locations including the Guam International Airport Authority and Port Authority of Guam, as long as he is not in the immediate vicinity of the victim and avoids contact," said the plea agreement.

The initial charge of assault as a misdemeanor was dismissed by the Guam Attorney General's office.


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