3 COVID deaths over the weekend; 58 new cases

DIRECTING TRAFFIC: Guam Army National Guard soldiers direct traffic in and out of Gill-Baza subdivision as a public health official, center, drops off specimen samples to the mobile lab on Friday. Dontana Keraskes/The Guam Daily Post

A total of 111 new COVID-19 cases were reported Friday evening, a  nearly 17% positive rate out of 657 tested.

Twenty people were identified through contact tracing, according to the Joint Information Center.

Three cases reported recent travel from the states and were identified in quarantine.

Results include yesterday’s Rapid Engagement Team outreach at Gill-Baza and Zero Down subdivisions in Yigo where the positive rate was 39%. A total of 48 people out of 124 tested on Thursday were positive for COVID-19 in those two low-cost housing areas.

Guam had 63 COVID-related deaths as of Friday morning.

Hospitalizations have recently increased.

• Guam Memorial Hospital: 62 hospitalized, 12 in the ICU, 4 on ventilators;

• Guam Regional Medical City: 3 hospitalized, 1 in the ICU; and

• Naval Hospital Guam: 2 in the ICU.


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