41 schools set for vaccine clinics

COVID: The Guam Department of Education and Department of Public Health and Social Services vaccinated 11 students against COVID-19 Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022, at L.P. Untalan Middle School in Barrigada. Photo courtesy of GDOE

All students attending Guam's 41 public schools can expect COVID-19 vaccination outreach events throughout the school year at their campuses

As of Tuesday, 139,960 eligible residents, six months and older, are fully vaccinated against COVID, according to the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services.

Of that number, 14,036 residents 12-17 years old, and 7,402 residents 5-11 years of age have received the jab, totaling 21,438 minors.

School-age children have about half the vaccination rate of adults on island. The Department of Public Health and Social Services wants to boost the rates within that age range, in partnership with the Guam Department of Education.

“So, of course, Public Health reached out to us and said that they would like to improve the school-aged children COVID-19 vaccination rates, and so we started collaborating and we decided that we can have COVID-19 vaccine outreaches in the school, specifically for the 12 and older because the 12 to 15 COVID-19 vaccination is already fully approved,” said Julietta Quinene, Community Health and Nursing Services administrator at GDOE. “So that made it easier to administer at the school sites. We currently have a memorandum of understanding in place regarding Public Health and vaccination.”

Quinene confirmed for The Guam Daily Post that preparations are being made for each GDOE campus to host a vaccination outreach clinic.

GDOE and DPHSS vaccinated 11 students Tuesday at L.P. Untalan Middle School, with a plan to administer 30 booster shots later, as Public Health is awaiting guidance on how to move forward.

GDOE will be stationed Thursday at Tiyan High School to provide the jab to students interested in receiving the COVID vaccine.


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