On Tuesday, there were 43 COVID-19 positive results out of 795 tests conducted by Department of Public Health and Social Services, and its partners.

Additionally, results from the weekend, Sept. 4-7, were broken down:

• 43 cases tested positive at DPHSS

• 15 tested positive at Guam Memorial Hospital Authority

• 14 tested positive at Diagnostic Laboratory Services

• 11 tested positive at Department of Defense

• six tested positive at Guam Regional Medical City

• two tested positive at American Medical Center

• two tested positive at One Love Pediatrics

• and one tested positive at Guam Radiology Consultants

A follow-up positive test was previously reported as a positive case in error and was removed from the overall count, the JIC report stated.

Of these recent cases, 35 were identified through contact tracing. Two cases reported recent travel from the U.S. and were identified in quarantine.

Since testing started in March, there have been a total of 1,713. Of those cases, 1,472 are classified as civilians and 241 are military service members.

Earlier today, officials reported the 19th fatality associated with COVID-19.

There are 951 people who have already completed isolation. There are 743 cases in active isolation.

This is the first time in weeks that the number of those who’ve completed isolation is greater than the number of active cases.


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