6 graduate from DWI Treatment Court

SPECIALTY COURTS: Presiding Judge Alberto C. Lamorena III hosted the first virtual graduation for the Driving While Intoxicated Treatment Court participants. Six participants successfully completed the two-year requirements of the treatment court and graduated Friday. Photo courtesy of the Judiciary of Guam

Six residents completed the Driving While Intoxicated Treatment Court on Friday.

Their success was lauded during the first virtual graduation hosted by Presiding Judge Alberto C. Lamorena III.

"When you first made your commitment to join the Driving While Intoxicated Treatment Court, you committed your life to treatment for at least two years,” the presiding judge stated. “I know it is a hard struggle to make that commitment because it required you to be drug tested, attend weekly meetings with your case manager, attend group therapy sessions, and sober support and self-help meetings. But I thank your families, friends and employers for supporting you and helping you along the way. Your two-year journey ends today.”

The program was piloted in 2010 and formally adopted by public law in 2018. The DWI Treatment Court Program works to reduce recidivism for medium- and high-risk offenders, according to the Judiciary of Guam.

The program uses therapeutic treatment for addiction and rehabilitation.

Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido also noted the participants’ substantial efforts.

“I know how hard it has been to continue with the requirements of the program, and the fact that you are now before PJ Lamorena shows your commitment to try and turn your lives around,” Carbullido stated.

"I would like to commend Presiding Judge Lamorena and thank him for his continuing leadership with our specialty courts. He is the founder and pioneer and continues to be at the forefront of this very important alternative way of handling some of our critical cases.”

The participants received a certification of completion, a latte stone symbolizing the new foundation of their life, a gold coin from the Guam Chamber of Commerce, and a treat from Lamorena.

"This court is meant to be an intervention in your life so that you could choose a better path. You were given a chance to not only save other people's lives, but to save your own life,” stated Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio. “I know that sometimes it was discouraging, but this process made you realize that you needed help and it is going to serve you well in the future.”


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