Two men face charges after allegedly breaking into the Verona Hotel in Tumon to see what, according to one of the suspects, was left to steal. 

Joshua Sanchez Dela Cruz, 23, and Michael Leonen Lucero, 44, were charged with criminal trespass as a misdemeanor, according to documents filed at the Superior Court of Guam. Dela Cruz also was charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance as a third-degree felony.

On Aug. 16, a security officer for the Guam Visitors Bureau, noticing that the rear gate for the property was ajar and the glass pane of the entry door was removed, took a closer look. He found Lucero inside the otherwise unoccupied hotel. The GVB security officer detained him and called GPD. Documents note that the security officer heard noises and suspected there were others there as well. 

When police arrived, they checked the hotel and found Dela Cruz hiding in the lobby restroom. Police patted him down for weapons and found a glass pipe. A field test showed presumptive positive for methamphetamine.

According to court documents, Lucero "stated he knew several unidentified friends who stole various items from the Verona Hotel.

"He then went there by himself, crawled through the missing glass panel of a rear door and was looking around the hotel to see what was still left when (the) witness discovered him," documents state. 

He allegedly told police he had gone to see what was left when the GVB security officer discovered him. Lucero told police Dela Cruz is his son and requested they be held in the same cell. GPD denied the request, documents state.