Senators of the 35th Guam Legislature will discuss the recall vote bill for the Yona mayor at 10 a.m. Friday. 

Vice Speaker Telena Nelson, who is now acting speaker as Speaker Tina Muna Barnes is off island for a funeral, made the announcement on Thursday afternoon. 

Pursuant to Section 1.02 (b)(1)(ii) of Rule 1 Part A of the Standing Rules of I Mina’trentai Singko na Liheslaturan Guåhan, emergency conditions currently exist in the village of Yona, warranting the 35th Guam Legislature to go into Emergency Session, according to a press release from her office. 

"The emergency conditions present include the absence of the Mayor of Yona, who has remained incarcerated since September 18, 2019," the release states. "The Mayor’s absence in Yona has left an administrative and leadership void, which village residents believe may precipitate threats to public safety and community welfare."

Nelson, during Wednesday's public hearing on the bill she introduced, Bill 259, sent a request to Speaker Tina Muna Barnes to hold the emergency session. 

Speaker Barnes, however, denied the request, saying "there is no immediate threat to life, safety and health" – which is necessary to justify waiving the Open Government Law in order to hold an emergency session.

Additionally, Speaker Barnes said while she is off island, Nelson will become acting speaker and as the acting speaker would have the authority to make the call for a special session.

Anyone with questions about the bill or Friday's session is asked to call 989-7696 or email

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