“I am sorry,” says a letter written by one of the staffers in the governor’s office on Sept. 9 after he posted a critical comment about a Guam restaurant on Facebook.

Raymond R. Dungca, a program coordinator IV, who makes $55,000 a year, said he made an “honest mistake” when he used the government’s Island Beautification Task Force Facebook account to post his personal sentiment on a local restaurant and on Delegate Michael San Nicolas’ alleged affair.

“These comments are my personal sentiments and not the sentiments or reflection of the office of the governor, the office of the lieutenant governor and Islandwide Beautification Task Force or this administration,” Dungca wrote.

There was no malice or malicious intent, he wrote, adding: “I thought I was posting from my own personal Facebook account.”

He added he’s no longer affiliated with the task force or its social media pages.

“I cannot take back what I said,” he stated, adding later the mistake was careless but honest.