Aetna International chosen to provide GovGuam health insurance

NETCARE: The NetCare Life & Health Insurance offices at the Julale Shopping Center in Hagåtña are shown in this photograph. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero announced that Aetna International will be the exclusive health insurance provider for government of Guam employees and retirees, and their families. Aetna will use Moylan's NetCare network of providers locally. Post file photo

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has approved international health insurance company, Aetna International, as the government of Guam’s exclusive insurance health insurance provider beginning October.

Thousands of government employees and retirees, and family members are covered by the government's health insurance, which cost the government $76.3 million in fiscal year 2017, according to an audit released last year. 

Adelup's press release didn't state the estimated cost of this year's health insurance plan.

According to Adelup spokeswoman, Janela Carrera, Aetna, which is an international company, will utilize NetCare's health insurance network locally. 

“I thank the Health Negotiating Team for its work in selecting, amongst all the bidders, the most economical and beneficial healthcare insurance proposal plan,” the governor stated in a press release. “For several reasons, the Team was limited in time to conduct its negotiations. Even so, it was able to perform all of its duties and provide me with a quality insurance plan to consider.”

Calvo's SelectCare, the health insurance company that currently provides insurance coverage for GovGuam employees and retirees, was informed this afternoon that Calvo’s SelectCare was not awarded a contract for the fiscal 2020 GovGuam Health Insurance Program.

"We are reviewing all options available to us on behalf of our GovGuam members," stated plan administrator Frank Campillo. 

This would be the first year in nearly 18 years that Calvo's SelectCare hasn't been a health insurance provider for the government of Guam. 

Campillo notes that it has been an honor and privilege to have insured GovGuam continuously since October 2001.

"However, a recent law has since limited the health insurance options available to GovGuam employees and retirees," Campillo stated. "During the past 18 years, while other companies opted out of the GovGuam market, we worked continuously to provide access to healthcare that meets the needs of our members. We developed many new benefits and implemented programs to improve and save the lives of our GovGuam members."

As mandated by Public Law 34-83, the Negotiating Team is limited to forwarding only the lowest cost option healthcare insurance proposal plan to the governor, the Adelup press release states. Aetna International represented the smallest increase when compared to the fiscal year 2019 plans.

“Now that the work of the Health Negotiation Team is done, my administration will spend the next few days working to ensure that any increase to the finalized rate structures will minimally affect, if at all, our employees, retirees, and foster children,” the governor stated.

(Daily Post Staff)