Guam's new attorney general-elect said Wednesday his first order of business when he takes office in January will be to start earning the trust of the Office of the Attorney General staff so they can work together toward building safer communities, getting child support to families who depend on that money, and guiding the government of Guam.

Leevin Camacho stated he also will be working with exiting Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson to discuss the transition process at the AG's office.

Camacho will serve as Guam's fifth elected attorney general.

"The election results are a testament to the extraordinary power of ordinary people. People who, against the odds, organized to support a first-time candidate. People who, guided by the desire to bring about positive change in our community, remained steadfast in the face of fearmongering. We took the high road, stayed the course, and stayed true to our supporters and ourselves," Camacho stated.

Addressing the community, Camacho said, "I am extremely grateful for everyone who voted for me and am excited at the chance to earn the votes of those who did not by effectively serving them as the next attorney general over the next four years."


As the race for attorney general culminated with a win for Camacho on Tuesday night, his rival, former elected Attorney General Douglas Moylan, wished him the best of luck in this difficult position.

"I remain available to him and any elected official to share my thoughts on the many issues facing our community," Moylan stated Wednesday.

According to Moylan, the election has always been about offering oneself in service of the community.

"Leevin will assume a very important role in January, created not just to be a check and balance for other government officials, but to be the chief legal officer to the entire government of Guam and our people," Moylan stated. "In my opinion, Leevin will occupy a position that can do the most good for everyone in our community and will serve us as the fifth elected AG."

On his post-election plans, Moylan said, "I intend to continue with my law practice, and look forward to helping make our island a better place for my family in my own way, and hopefully others as well in doing so."

Moylan added, "On behalf of myself, my family and my campaign team, I thank the voters who again trusted in me, as well as the other voters for exercising their right to elect their leaders. I also thank our people for allowing me to speak to them during this election season to share our views with them and to listen to their concerns."