A 40-year-old officer with the Airport Police Division of the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport Authority was arrested Monday after he was charged with sexual assault involving a 24-year-old woman known to him.

Pan Sa Kim, aka Mike Kim, was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct as a second-degree felony, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct as a third-degree felony and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct as a misdemeanor.

Police said the woman told Kim multiple times to stop assaulting her.

The suspect digitally penetrated her genital area, causing her pain, according to court documents filed by a prosecutor.

Kim allegedly told authorities he stopped only after she said stop for the third time.

The alleged sexual assault occurred on Sept. 12. Two days later, the victim filed a complaint with the Guam Police Department.

Airport will conduct ‘internal review’

GIAA is aware of the arrest of an Airport Police employee, the airport management stated when asked for comment.

An internal review will be conducted, the airport authority stated.

“Although we are unable to comment on the ongoing case, we assure the public that we hold all employees to high standards of employee conduct,” according to the airport statement, released by marketing administrator Rolenda Lujan Faasuamalie. “As is done systematically with all employees charged with an alleged offense, there will be an internal review to ensure the Guam airport’s mission and effectiveness to provide a safe and secure travel environment is not compromised.”

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