Armed robbery defendant 'shy' to take drug test; plea denied

PLEA DENIED: Kam'Ron Edward Prewett-Tenorio leaves the Superior Court of Guam on Friday, Jan. 10, after a judge denied his plea agreement until he takes a drug test. Nick Delgado/ The Guam Daily Post 

A man arrested in connection with an armed robbery at an Agat store in 2017, which led to a police chase, had his plea agreement denied in the Superior Court of Guam on Friday.

Defendant Kam'Ron Edward Prewett-Tenorio was set to take a plea deal before Judge Anita Sukola; however, it was said in court that he allegedly failed to take the required drug test prior to the court accepting his plea.

"He was ordered not to possess or consume any illegal controlled substances. He failed to submit to a urine sample," said Sukola. "He couldn't pee, again? Something is wrong with this picture."

Details of his plea agreement have not been disclosed.

"Your Honor, I tried everything I could. I drank over a gallon of water. I've been holding my pee for over an hour and 30 minutes. I'm just not used to doing that. I'm uncomfortable," said Prewett-Tenorio. "It was even to the point where right after I got out of the probation office I had to come here (to the courthouse) because I couldn't hold my pee any longer."

Adult Probation Services told the court he was unable to give them a urine sample during two recent drug tests this month.

"He couldn't urinate because he's saying that he is shy," said Sukola. "I am not taking his plea. I am going to allow the defendant to give me a sample one way or the other."

Prewett-Tenorio told the court that he did give a swab of his saliva, but he was told it couldn't be used because he had bit down on the sample.

"In the past, when he had to check in, didn't he have to give a urine sample? Now, all of a sudden, he cannot?" Sukola said. "You test positive or don't provide any samples for the next week, and I will not take a recommendation for probation. He will go to jail."

Prewett-Tenorio is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 22.

Armed robbery charge

In December 2017, Prewett-Tenorio and Troy Allen Aguon Morrison each were charged with second-degree armed robbery.

The pair are accused of robbing the Bay Dollar Mart in Agat, Post files state.

The suspects allegedly shouted, "Money! Money! Money!"

The store clerk told police one of the suspects held a silver object that appeared to be a pistol, and the other was holding a bag. One man threw the bag at the clerk, who was told to fill it with money from the cash register. The two men then ran out.

Police spotted the suspect's car speeding away, heading south on Route 2.

Officers chased them until the suspects eventually stopped in the middle of the road near the Mount Carmel Catholic Church, and they were subsequently placed under arrest.

Authorities found $610 in cash inside the car.

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