A traffic stop in Dededo on Sunday led to the arrest of a driver who has a prior drug conviction and is awaiting his sentence.

During the traffic stop, the driver, Ramil Gonzales, was noted to be sweating profusely and appeared nervous. Officers noticed a white straw that contained a crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine, court documents filed by a prosecutor alleged. Gonzales reportedly told police the straw was not his because he is on probation and thus can't smoke. Gonzales then pulled his pants down and said, "Look, officer, nothing." The passenger of the vehicle, Vivian Iquina, had a purse on her lap, and inside the purse were baggies containing semi-clear and white crystal residue consistent with methamphetamine. These items tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine, the prosecutor alleges. Both people in the vehicle were charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance. The magistrate's complaint against the two was filed by Assistant Attorney General Jeremy S. Kemper.

Second traffic stop

On Saturday, also in Dededo, the Guam Police Department conducted another traffic stop.

When the vehicle pulled over, the passenger of the vehicle who was later identified as Alexandro Palacios Takai went inside La Familia Mart off Ysengsong Road. The driver of the vehicle, Zachary Cruz, was later searched and $1,293 in cash was found, court documents filed by the prosecution allege. Takai was located and searched, and officers found a glass pipe, a scale, plastic baggies, and approximately 1.75 grams of methamphetamine on him. Takai told police he was getting a ride from Cruz, and during the traffic stop, Cruz threw the paraphernalia that was found on Takai and said, “Take care of this," the court document states.

Takai stated he assumed Cruz wanted him to conceal the paraphernalia.

Cruz and Takai were charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance with intent to distribute. The complaint against them was also filed by Kemper.

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