Almost a week after a 27-year-old pregnant woman was shot while driving on a dark highway, she remains in the hospital.

Katarina Pitto was driving home – after she picked up a cousin from a graveyard shift – when she was shot around 1:50 a.m. Wednesday on Route 15 by someone in another car. She was shot six times in her face and arms, according to her aunt Concepcion Alpin.

Pitto was awaiting surgery as of Saturday afternoon. Her family awaits the outcome of a police investigation. As of Sunday afternoon, police hadn’t announced a suspect.

“Katarina is still waiting for the doctor because he is currently off island,” Alpin said Saturday. “I went to visit Katarina today, and it's not good. Her left arm – the bones are broken.”

A bullet also remains lodged in her left jaw, the victim’s aunt said.

“They have to perform surgery because it is stuck to the bone and a few of her teeth are broken,” Alpin said.

The unborn child in the victim’s womb may have to be delivered three months prematurely, before Pitto’s surgery, her aunt said.

Pitto is described by her family as a reliable family member who is counted on to give her cousins a ride to and from work or to do some errands, her family has stated.

Alpin said the victim’s family believes the shooting was random.

Neither Pitto nor her cousin recognized the shooter’s car.

“A random shooting shouldn’t be tolerated,” Mangilao Mayor Allan Ungacta said in a previous interview. “I hope they find these individuals.”

Guam police have reached out to the public for information that may help solve the case.


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