Defense: Kids made up stories of sexual abuse

DEFENDANT: Jeffrey Guerrero Cruz arrives for his trial in the Superior Court of Guam Thursday in Hagåtña. He stands accused of molesting three girls and a boy. Post file photo

An 8-year-old boy sobbed on the witness stand Thursday, as he recalled the day a man known to his family allegedly touched his body inappropriately.

“I was only 4," the boy said, during the trial for defendant Jeffrey Cruz in Superior Court of Guam Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena's courtroom on Thursday.

The child testified and gestured in court how the defendant touched him, as the two were lying down on Cruz's bed.

“I just walked in and asked ... can I watch TV? He said, 'Go ahead,'" the boy said, referring to the defendant. "He came in and started touching my private parts." 

“I was thinking I was uncomfortable. I asked if I could go check my mom and he said: 'No, can you just stay with me and watch TV.'” 

The boy was the third alleged victim of Cruz to testify.

Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown called the fourth victim to testify prior to the government resting its case.

“I was at his house and we were in his room," the 13-year-old girl said, as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "I was laying on his bed on my stomach and he was next to me – touching me. He was touching me from behind...going towards the front over my clothes.”

The teen told him she was going to go home and left the defendant's residence.

The alleged incident occurred in 2017, court documents state.

She said in court that she only spoke up after her little sister came forward with similar allegations that she too was molested.

The minor said she was scared that the defendant might harm her so she kept quiet.

Two other girls, ages 10 and 12, testified Wednesday they were sexually assaulted by the defendant.

Cruz was arrested in May 2018 after the allegations surfaced.  

He was charged with seven counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. It was said in court on Thursday that one of the counts was dismissed at the request of the prosecution.

The trial will continue with defense witness testimony and closing arguments.

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