Brothers face December sentence

TRIAL: Jordan Rachulap, left, and Emmanuel Reselap sit through their hearing in the Superior Court on Wednesday.  Nick Delgado/The Guam Daily Post

The two men convicted in connection with a series of machete attacks in Mangilao in June will be sentenced in the Superior Court of Guam on Dec. 12.

Emmanuel Reselap, who was found guilty of aggravated assault, two counts of terrorizing and criminal mischief and family violence, was set to have a separate trial for the notice charge of being a felon on felony release.

“The second portion of trial was to address the notice of felon on felony release,” said Judge Vernon Perez.

“The people were prepared to go forward with the bifurcated trial for just the felon on felony release for Emmanuel Reselap,” Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown said.

Reselap’s attorney Samuel Teker told the court his client has decided to waive going through another trial and takes responsibility for the charges.

“I wanted to be sure that’s placed on the record to the extent you waived to not have this short second part of the trial. I want to make sure you are understanding this and waiving voluntarily,” said Perez.

“Yes, your honor,” Reselap said.

The jury, however, was unable to reach a unanimous decision on a second aggravated assault charge against Reselap.  

The court told Adult Probation Services it has 90 days to prepare a pre-sentence report for the defendants, which would include how much time they could face in prison.

Reselap was acquitted of attempted murder. During the trial, his cousin, the slashing victim, told jurors he didn’t believe Reselap was trying to kill him.

Reselap’s brother and co-defendant, Jordan Rachulap, was found guilty of two counts each of criminal mischief and terrorizing after the jury return with its verdict last Friday.

Four terrorizing counts and three criminal misdemeanor counts were dropped from Rachulap’s charges after it was established in court that he hadn’t thrown rocks at a truck.

The pair were convicted of being armed with a machete during the June incident. Both ran onto the road and started slashing at cars that were stuck in the afternoon traffic in Mangilao. They frightened drivers and damaged several vehicles. Another individual added to the chaotic scene when he started to throw rocks.

“This was an interesting trial for various reasons,” Perez said.

The brothers are scheduled to appear back in court on Sept. 19 to address any unresolved matters in the case.