Two men charged in connection with the June 4 machete incident in Mangilao have been indicted by a Superior Court of Guam grand jury.

The indictment against Emmanuel Reselap, 19, listed charges of attempted murder, terrorizing, criminal mischief and family violence. His brother, Jordan Rachulap, 25, was indicted on charges of terrorizing, aggravated assault, assault and criminal mischief.

Court documents state the pair had been drinking alcohol prior to the incident.

Reselap allegedly got into an argument with another man, then stabbed him in the stomach with a machete. Both defendants are accused of hitting passing vehicles with machetes and throwing rocks.

Multiple vehicles were damaged as a result of the attack.

Reselap is being held on $50,000 cash bail, while Rachulap is being held on  $20,000 cash bail.