Culprits burglarize, start fire at Untalan Middle School

THEFT AND FIRE: The Guam Department of Education reported that someone had broken into their school and started a fire - though details as to the amount of damage and its location weren't released. The Guam Daily Post 

School officials arrived at the Untalan Middle School on Wednesday to find that campus had been burglarized.

The extent of the break in was not released by Guam Department of Education officials. 

GDOE spokesperson Isa Baza said school officials also reported smelling smoke from the office. 

Both police and firefighters were called to respond.

Untalan Middle School Principal Agnes Guerrero confirmed there was burning coming from a room on the school grounds. 

"We're trying to establish as much normalcy as possible," said Guerrero.  "There are damages but not to the extent that we have to close down the school, fortunately."

While classes are still in session, the school has advised that students with respiratory issues to remain home from school.  Their absence would be excused.  

Guerrero said the smoke smell has diminished, but keeping students at home is at the discretion of parents.  

"This situation is really unfortunate. Our students they come to learn.  We have a great facility and for someone to come here and do this act is really uncalled for and I'm sure that justice will be given to them," said Guerrero. 

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