A man was placed under arrest after he allegedly threatened to harm a woman known to him, and repeatedly entered an Inarajan home without permission.

Joshua Jerome Hadley, 32, was charged with burglary as a second-degree felony, family violence as a misdemeanor, harassment as a petty misdemeanor, and criminal trespass as a violation.

According to court documents, the suspect was told to leave the residence on Sunday and not return.

The suspect allegedly told police that he returned to the home a little after midnight and let himself in the house.

The victim told police she awoke to find the suspect in her living room when the suspect began to yell expletives and argue with her, court documents state.

Another resident told the suspect to leave, but that’s when he tapped on the victim’s bedroom window from outside and held a rope around his neck saying that he was going to hang himself, documents state.

The suspect later returned to the residence and the victim spotted him again in the living room, documents state.

The suspect then allegedly struck the victim’s neck with his elbow and said, “If nobody can have you, no one will,” adding that he would “put her in her resting place.”

The pair argued again before the suspect fled the home, documents state.

A witness told officers the suspect appeared to be high and out of it, documents state.

In 2011, Hadley was arrested on theft charges after being accused of writing multiple checks to himself from his former employer’s business checking account, Post files state.


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