While on pretrial release in two separate criminal cases, Derick Baza Hills admitted to police that he had used his deceased father's park ranger shirt and badge to get money from tourists on three separate occasions, court documents state.

Hills, 30, was arrested and charged with three counts of impersonating a public officer, theft by deception and theft by threatening.

Police received three separate complaints from tourists who reported that they had been pulled over by Hills, who demanded money from them using a Department of Parks and Recreation badge and his U.S. passport card.

On April 26, Hills identified himself as a law enforcement officer at the Paseo de Susana Park in Hagåtña when he told a tourist couple it was illegal to take photographs at the park and demanded $50, court documents state. Hills was wearing a green shirt that said "Hill" on the upper right area on the front and "Ranger" on the back. The victims positively identified Hills from a photograph and said he gave them a receipt when they gave him the money.

Two tourists who were pulled over by Hills in a brown sedan managed to take a photo after he pulled them over for speeding on April 28. The victims told police he showed a badge and claimed he was a police officer. Hills allegedly demanded $40, which the victims paid for fear of being arrested, the magistrate's complaint stated.

They reported the incident to airport police and provided a photograph of Hills.

Another tourist reported that on April 29, Hills pulled him over to the side of the road. Hills told the man he had been driving too close to a bus and was speeding. The victim said he was forced to pay $40 to avoid going to jail and having his Chinese driver's license confiscated.

The victim and his passengers later positively identified Hills.

Police: Hills admitted to crimes

During questioning by police, Hills initially denied involvement but later admitted to taking money from a tourist at the Paseo de Susana Park because the tourist took a picture of him. Hills also reportedly admitted to taking money from a tourist on Route 2 in Agat because the tourist overtook him on the road, and admitted to taking money from a tourist in Agat near the Taleyfac Spanish Bridge.

He said the badge and shirt used to belong to his father, who had worked for the Department of Parks And Recreation, but died years ago, court documents state.